An apprenticeship at Centek gives you hands on experience, a salary and the opportunity to gain qualifications while you work.

Centek has run a successful apprentice scheme since its inception in 2001. Many of our apprentices have gone on to full time employment at Centek and have progressed through the organisation. Apprentices at Centek are given every opportunity to develop, some have even been on visits to our US facility.

Our apprenticeships have traditionally been based in engineering or production but we are now exploring the option for our apprentices to train in business admin and finance. We mainly work with South Devon college but are happy to accept applications from other areas. Our placements are usually 3-4 years long and include a day release to college. We also support those who want to go on to a higher apprenticeship. 

What our apprentices say:

'I was not going on to university and wanted to experience the world of work, expand on my skills and knowledge. I chose an engineering apprenticeship because I wanted to gain professional experience while learning. I am now confidently working on my own and making a difference to the team I work with on a daily basis. The Centek apprenticeship programme has provided me with a trade and I feel very excited about my future.' 

Lucaz Styles, Junior Process Engineer

Lucaz completed his Engineering Apprenticeship and has now moved onto his High Level Apprenticeship. Time at Centek: Over 3 years

How to apply:

Look out for opportunities on the Current Vacancies page or email if you are interested in an apprenticeship at Centek.