S2 Bow Spring Centralizer

S2 Bow Spring Centralizer

The patented S2 bow spring centralizer is the premium single piece choice for challenging wellbores. Engineered strength and flexibility optimize RIH saving operators time and money getting to total depth.

Its single piece construction means the S2 has no weak points. It is designed for casing running environments with severe well geometries, high build rates, extended reach, J-type, S-type as well as HTHP applications.

The S2 is manufactured to gauge, has exceptional restoring force and outstanding flexibility down hole. Because of this the S2 has received a number of awards including the prestigious Queen’s Award for innovation.

Features and benefits

  • Tested to exceed API 10D
  • Supports cementing best practices
  • Made to gauge
  • Optimum stand-off
  • Zero start and running forces
  • Maximum flow by area
  • Reduced torque and drag
  • Enhanced rotation and reciprocation during RIH

Targeted applications

  • Onshore and offshore
  • Unconsolidated wells
  • Extended reach, horizontal and highly deviated wells
  • HTHP and geothermal wells
  • Shale oil & gas wells
  • OH completions w/packers
  • Sand screen completions
  • J-type and S-type

S2 centralizer application guide

Performance ratings

Centralization and the ease of running casing is often a balance between strength and flexibility which combine to support, what we call, 'runability'. To help with product selection we've added a rating to all our products for flexibility, runability and inherent strength.



S2 centralizers are available in sizes from 2 7⁄8" to 24".

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