TUR-CT Close Tolerance Centralizer

TUR-CT Close Tolerance Centralizer

The TUR-CT is designed to be run the close tolerance, under-ream applications found in some of the world’s most challenging offshore fields. This close tolerance (CT) model is engineered to extreme tolerances enabling it to negotiate the tightest restrictions.

The TUR-CT is designed with a precisely formed cross bow curvature and has no ‘knife edges’ to reduce the risk of subsea well head damage on insertion. This also adds additional strength to the bows.

Features and benefits

  • Designed to challenge the traditional and extremely costly centralizer Sub market
  • Engineered to precise ring-gauge tolerances
  • Low-profile design maximizes fluid dynamics

Targeted applications

  • Tight casing applications
  • Offshore and deep-water
  • Highly deviated wells
  • Under-reamed wells sections
  • Horizontal/ERD wells
  • Vertical wash out sections
  • S-Type/J-Type

Performance ratings

Centralization and the ease of running casing is often a balance between strength and flexibility which combine to support, what we call, 'runability'. To help with product selection we've added a rating to all our products for flexibility, runability and inherent strength.


Centralizer ratings


The TUR-CT is available in sizes from 9 3/8” to 11 3/4"

For more information talk to our Product Service Experts today or use our Product Selector Tool to find the right product for your application.

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