TUR-SUB Centralizer

TUR-SUB Centralizer

The TUR-SUB is designed to be run in the challenging, close tolerance, under-ream applications found in some of the world’s most challenging offshore fields.

In tight annulus applications and deep-water operations, centralizers must compress virtually flat to allow travel through narrow under-reamed well sections.

Precise manufacturing and the TUR SUB’s single piece constructions eliminates the risk of failure associated with welded bow spring centralizers. This integrity and strength allow the sub body to rotate within the TUR centralizer at minimal torque values.

During operations, the TUR centralizer will recess entirely into the sub body enabling it to pass through the tightest of restrictions. The sub body is manufactured to API 5CT requirements and will meet or exceed burst, collapse and tensile ratings and will be threaded to fit the casing string. 

Centek has the capability to supply sub bodies tailored to meet customer specifications.

Features and benefits

  • Designed specifically for ultra-tight tolerance applications
  • Low equivalent circulating density (ECD) signature to lower surge effect during run-in-hole (RIH)
  • Allows for rotation when fully compressed
  • Fewer bows for more efficient RIH
  • Will meet or exceed host casing burst and collapse specifications
  • Interlocked band design gives the strength of a single piece centralizer

Targeted applications

  • Deepwater
  • Ultra-narrow, close tolerance
  • Alternative to standard subs that will have higher initial insertion forces due to bow design

Performance ratings

Centralization and the ease of running casing is often a balance between strength and flexibility which combine to support, what we call, 'runability'. To help with product selection we've added a rating to all our products for flexibility, runability and inherent strength.


Centralizer ratings

Size Range

Centek TUR-SUBs are available in sizing from 9 5/8” through to 17 7/8” 

For more information talk to our Product Service Experts today or use our Product Selector Tool to find the right product for your application.

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