HDSH Heavy Duty, Hinged Stop Collar

HDSH Heavy Duty, Hinged Stop Collar

This heavy duty hinged stop collar is designed for use in challenging wells, providing a highly effective method of holding centralizers on the pipe and support cementing.

Each HDSH stop collar is made from the same patented steel as our heavy duty S2-HD centralizers. Like the S2-HD these stop collars are heat treated for strength and tempered for resilience. This ensures that the HDSH can withstand high axial forces, making it suitable for demanding well conditions.

Our radical new twisted hinge has a one of a kind “one way” hinge pin. It is high strength and built for quick fitment on the rig floor, if necessary.


HDSH stop collars are developed as counterparts to the Centek S2-H hinged centralizer

Features and benefits

  • Premium, high holding force, heavy duty hinged stop collar
  • No yield around thread effective diameter
  • Fitment tested to up to 50 lb-ft torque
  • Anti-vibration screw retention

Target applications

  • Demanding well conditions


Performance ratings

Stop collar performance depends on the ability of the stop collar to hold the centralizer in place. This aids 'runability' and is measured by holding force and integral strength. To help with product selection we've added a rating to all our stop collar products for runability and strength.


HDSH heavy duty stop collars are available in sizes from 13 5/8" to 24"

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