HSN Hinged Stop Collar with Spiral Nail

HSN Hinged Stop Collar with Spiral Nail

Supporting demand across APAC, the HSN is a stop collar with spiral nail installation for quick fitment in onshore wells. It is developed to complement our range of hinged centralizers for vertical and horizontal wellbore sections in less deviated wells.

The spiral nail is driven firmly into internal grooves which locks the stop collar against the casing, providing maximum annular clearance, improving installation and reducing rig time


HSN stop collars are developed as counterparts to Centek’s centralizers for less challenging wells

Features and benefits

  • Centek QA
  • Economic choice
  • Quick installation
  • Low profile for low annular clearances
  • For use with standard casing grades

Target applications

  • Less demanding well conditions
  • Onshore
  • Surface casing and vertical sections

Level 1 applications

Performance ratings

Stop collar performance depends on the ability of the stop collar to hold the centralizer in place. This aids 'runability' and is measured by holding force and integral strength. To help with product selection we've added a rating to all our stop collar products for runability and strength.


HSN rating


HSN stop collars are available in sizes from 4 1/2" to 18 5/8"

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