Centek S2 will get you to TD even with low hook weights

CASE STUDY Centek S2 will get you to TD even with low hook weights


The string was to be run over 3,685m in the OH section with 75 degree angle to total TD @6,200m MD / 2,515m TVD. The use of a competitor bow centralizers had been problematic as there was not enough hook weight to push the casing string to TD. Previous 9 5/8 job had cost lost time and effort, rig repair, and resulted in a poor cement job. Good cement stone in the casing shoe zone was critical and, therefore, centralization needed to be optimal.


Centek S2 centralizer was used to give the best possible chances of successful RIH and an improved cement job.

Simulations produced for various different conditions and spacing layouts showed that running the string would not be a problem using proposed solution.


9 5/8 intermediate casing string was run to TD without any problems or lost time. This allowed for good mud displacement and placement of cement around the liner.


"Successful running operation achieved to bottom allowing competent cement placement on this critical casing job."

HII, CEMENTING, Casing Equipment, Halliburton

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