New Centek Product Selector Tool now available

NEWS New Centek Product Selector Tool now available

We are pleased to announce the release of our online Product Selector Tool. This has been designed to ensure you are kept up to date with Centek’s full product range and quickly guide you towards the range of Centek products that will achieve a desired casing stand-off in your well.  

The Product Selector Tool has been developed as a stripped down version of our proprietary centralizer spacing program – Latload. It features Centek’s full bow spring and stop collar database and incorporates casing deflection and centralizer side load calculations. From the calculations the tool outputs smooth instant results for casing stand-off for a buoyant length of casing at common centralizer spacings with varying combinations of casing weight, mud and cement densities, open hole size and well inclination.

The Product Selector Tool requires registration and approval for use and is not intended to replace full casing simulations in programs such as Latload. Register today