Centek UROS centralizer patent successfully upheld by European Patent Office

NEWS Centek UROS centralizer patent successfully upheld by European Patent Office

The Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office has upheld Centek Group’s European UROS patent as valid. This was after a long battle originating in Downhole Products contesting the validity of the patent in 2014. Centek successfully fended off this attack from Downhole Products and the Centek UROS centralizer patent was declared new and inventive at the highest level of the European patent system.

Centek’s European patent provides exclusivity to the company’s unique combination of low insertion forces achieved by offset spring bows, and ultra high strength (and/or durability) achieved by forming the centralizer from a single sheet. While other offset bow centralizers may exist from other suppliers, only Centek has its unique and incomparable performance achieved by forming the offset bows from a single sheet of steel. The specific scope of protection of the patent, EP2464811, can be found here.

This unique combination of features gives Centek’s patented UROS centralizer reduced start and running forces, and strong centralizing forces, while also being capable of passing through tighter restrictions. John Costine, Global Director, Marketing & Product Management at Centek said that; “the performance of the UROS has been proven after 13 years of productive use in the world’s most challenging wells. The European Patent Office’s safeguarding of this patent demonstrates the UROS’s unique advantage in under reamed well sections and through restrictions.”

This successful case in Europe validates the strength of Centek’s UROS patent and is evidence of Centek’s pioneering product portfolio and its place at the forefront of centralizer advancement. Centek instructed one of Europe’s leading IP law firms, Kilburn & Strode, to successfully defend the UROS patent in Europe. Tom Crone, Centek President & CEO stated; “Centek has invested in innovation since it was founded more than 20 years ago and we will continue to prioritize securing exclusivity for our original product design and protecting our intellectual property”.

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