Centek sponsors Men's Mental Health initiative

NEWS Centek sponsors Men's Mental Health initiative

Centek is proud to announce their partnership with Bro Project UK, a community of men who are passionate about changing the way we battle mental health. The charity aims to prevent mental health issues by creating fun opportunities for men to get together and do something that takes them away from the worries of day to day life. Primarily this is based around events and sessions which gives the participants the opportunity to reach out and gain the necessary support they need in a relaxed and open environment. Alongside these events and sessions, Bro Project plans to build a large network of leaders and coaches with the skills and tools to help.

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Centek is sponsoring the Mo Bro Charity Ball which will take place on Friday 28th of October. The host for the evening is retired Exeter Chiefs player Chris “Bentos” Bentley. Tickets can be purchased here


Mo Bro Charity Ball